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Fences & Gates

The role that a good fence and gating add to your residential security should not be overlooked. If a criminal is going to break into a home, they are most likely to look first at the houses that are not fenced. Unfenced places are just that much easier to get into. Of course you don't want your house to look like a military compound; complete with 12' fences and razor wire, but even a sturdy 4' fence can be a good deterrent to potential intruders.

A locked gate is one more added measure of security than can help make an uninvited person think twice about coming onto your property. Adding a lock at night can also offer extra safety, especially if the gate and fence are tall enough that a person can't just easily jump over them. Even in the case of a fence that is not very tall, a neighbor might not think anything of a person walking through an unlocked gate, but someone crawling over a fence of any height is more likely to draw attention to themselves.

Chain link fencing is a good way to add a secure border to your yard; even if someone does climb over it, the metal makes a little noise that can alert you or a neighbor of suspicious activity. Likewise, the opening of a metal gate makes sound that may be noticed by anyone inside the house or those who live close by. Another good feature of chain link is that neighbors can see through it; if someone goes through the gate they are still visible if a neighbor or police officer is looking on.

Your quality in-home security system and reliable monitoring service are your first line of defense, but having a good fence around your property and sturdy gates will certainly send would-be criminals the message that you are taking steps to protect your home and family.

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